Play To Live, Live To Play

Gamico is a democratic gateway to eSports greatness

How Gamico Works

Play games, earn a living

Gamico allows you to make a living while playing your favourite games. With everything from eSports to casual games and mobile console games, we’ve got you covered!


Compete against the world and win GMC!

Compete in high level, high stake tournaments, challenge other players in H2H matches, and win GMC (Gamicoin) – the official currency on Gamico! Better yet, your GMC can be exchanged for other high-value cryptocurrencies!

Become an eSports legend

Gamico is the central hub for gamers all around the world. Acquire official rankings and profiles and unlock achievements. You can also use your profile and livestreams to score new sponsorships, fans, and followers!


& Battles

Compete against other players around the world in tournaments and head to head battles to win GMC!

Achievement &
Milestone Bounties

Gamico will offer bounties for various game achievements and milestones, so everyone can explore fun, new ways to earn GMC

Official Ranking &
Gamer Profile

Play to get ranking points alongside GMC to boost your official rankings, which are direct indicators of your skills and performance

Result Verification by
Gamico Community

Decentralised platform to ensure fair play for all. Submit your match scores to verify results, or get free GMC for verifying other matches


Protecting Our Players & Stakeholders

At Gamico, we are committed to protecting our players’ and stakeholders’ interests, and continuously work towards creating a safe, reliable, and fair platform for everyone. This is why we chose the unique approach of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

  • Public Escrow (GMC custody, smart contracts, and distribution)
  • GMC Transaction Verification (fraud/tempering prevention via blockchain)
  • Data/Record Integrity (accuracy of records)


Coming Soon

The first version of Gamico is already under development and will be released with hit/classic games, namely: League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Street Fighter, Clash of Royale, Hearthstone, FIFA, NBA 2K18, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and Tetris.